Wednesday, July 9, 2008

3D Animation: Baseball pitch

This is the first half of a baseball assignment, the pitch (the bat will follow later). I have to say I am fairly happy with this because this is probably my best animation assignment so far (I'm still learning of course....).

3D Animation: Term 2 Round Up

A roundup of the 3D animation I did for term 2, these are not very good but I decided to post them anyway. The pose-to-pose are modeled from actual people posing in the classroom.

Pose-to-Pose II

Pose-to-Pose I


Box Lift

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

3D Lighting: Bright & Dark Scenes

For our intro lighting classes, we had to light a given scene to match a given reference by using as little lights as possible. I paid special attention to this assignment as I want to excel in lighting, because bad lighting can make the best model with the best textures look like bad 3D.

I used 4 lights in this scene (all spot): 1 main light, 1 rim light, 1 fill light, and 1 extra fill light for the character.

I used 4 lights in this scene also: 1 main light (spot), 1 fill light for the atmosphere (infinite), 1 fill light for bounced light (infinite), 1 extra fill for bounced light from another angle (infinite)

3D Texturing: Airplane (Part II)

My unwrap and texture maps for the airplane I posted earlier.

Link to the original post:
3D Texturing: Airplane (Part I)


Diffuse Map

Bump Map

Reflect Map

Spec Map

Transparency Map