Saturday, February 16, 2008

My New Journey

For about half a year I have been counting down every day, anticipating the start of my new journey in life - the 3D Animation & Visual Effects program at VFS beginning March.

I may be over-exaggerating a bit, and some of you may think that I am out of my mind for leaving behind all that I've accomplished so far (and my hard-earned savings), to trade for a path of uncertainty. But this decision was certainty not taken lightly - I've always loved and been immersed in CG, and I understand better than anyone else that passion and dedication is the only fuel for true creativity and productivity.

I have kept a mental note to put up a blog before school starts, so I can record my daily adventures at VFS, and here it is! I guess I will have to make another mental note to update and keep this blog active.

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