Friday, December 12, 2008

Demo Reel: Environment

At VFS we spent the first 3 terms learning bits and piece of everything about 3D, and then we spend the last 3 terms for full-time production of our demo reel (final project). And I've been so busy, now I finally got time to post what I've been doing so far on my demo reel.

I am doing a modeling reel and part of it is an environment. I have been working on the environment since the beginning of term 4 and I tried my best to bring it to full competition before I move on to other elements of my project. It is very easy to lose patience when doing 3D and half the battle is sticking to the plan.

I'm proud to say that I have stuck to the plan til the end and fairly satisfied with the results. Still needs more work but it is around 95% complete. I am just going to post several images of the major milestones I have made, so you get an idea how far I have progressed:

Scene would not render. Rendered buildings in 4 passes with default lighting and comped them together for presentation.

Whole scene rendered after scene cleanup and displacement optimization. Had major gamma problems here. Lighting was affected due to the gamma problems. Bummer.

Corrected the gamma. Near-final render settings. Preliminary test of some dirt layers, water, and plants. Tried rendering the whole sequence and found MEGA displacement popping and final gathering flickers. Bummer.

All dirt maps completed. Fixed the displacement popping. Fixed problem with too much light inside buildings. Still have some flickers but close to competition.

Other Stills:

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