Monday, April 14, 2008

Character Design: Cast of Characters & Faces

The 3rd assignment for Character Design is to design a cast of at least 5 characters portraying different archetypes, and using only primitive shapes to show poses, emotions, and silhouettes (as we did in the last 2 assignments).

I used the same wrestler character from my last 2 assignments as the "hero", and added the "damsel in distress", "sidekick", "henchman", and "villain". See if you can tell which is which :-).

The 4th assignment is drawing 5 totally different faces of characters from different universes, and then picking 1 of them and draw 5 different emotions. Again, we have to use the same technique of drawing with only basic primitive shapes as the basic structure.

I just did some faces randomly and the old man just feels more interesting to me so I picked him for the emotions. He feels like a drunk old man so I made sure to exaggerate that quality.

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