Monday, April 14, 2008

Character Design: Concept Design

The 5th character design assignment is to draw a character from the paragraph provided to us below. I tried to go for a more cartoony style since this is a cartoon character design class.

It was about three blocks from my office building that I saw a cop car double-parked and the two buttons in it staring at something over by a shop window on the sidewalk. The something was Terry Lennox - or what was left of him - and that little was not too attractive.
He was leaning against a store front. He had to lean against something. His shirt was dirty and open at the neck and partly outside his jacket and partly not. He hadn't shaved for four or five days. His nose was pinched. His skin was so pale that the long thin scars hardly showed. And his eyes were like holes poked in a snowbank. It was pretty obvious that the buttons in the prowl car were about ready to drop the hook on him, so I went over there fast and took hold of his arm.

We also have to show concept-in-development drawings that lead to the final drawing of this character. I did lots of development drawings of him to get a better feel of his character and I deliberately added in some sober drawings of him too. I started off by drawing a more realistic version and then shrinking him down to a small cartoony version:

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