Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hectic Beginning for Term 2

So term 2 has started a full month ago and I've finally found time to do a quick blog update. Not that I was so overwhelmed with work -- more like I was overwhelmed with classes going from 9am to 8pm 4 days a week, and therefore had to sacrifice the rest of the nights and all the weekends for homework.

I pace myself well so I get enough sleep everyday and get my assignments done earlier than the due date, but that only means I have no free time on weekends. All is fine though, no complaints here :), after all I am learning more awesome stuff this term than last term.

To top off the busy schedule, my computer had gone haywire on me so instead of spending hours and hours at home in frustration trying to fix it, I resolved to spending more time at school to actually get my homework done first.

Anyway, I've got only a few things to show so far, since we've been given more complex assignments this term that takes a few weeks to complete, whether than the short week-long assignments of last term. Enjoy.

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