Sunday, June 1, 2008

Photoshop: Editing & Compositing

Our last photoshop assignment with 2D compositing opened up a complete new realm to me in terms of 2D, because I did not know this was possible before.

Basically we start with a rendered image of a 3Dmodeled room. We take that into Photoshop and layered "textures" on top according to the room's perspective, with very very flat lighting. Then we take pre-rendered lighting "passes" and use that as a base for lighting. The resulting image looks to have the illusion of 3D and looks very realistic.

Below is a breakdown of the different stages:

This is just another assignment for our photoshop class where we had to remove the background from a photo and do color adjustments. Was a piece of cake for me since I used to do image editing all the time, so I went a little stylistic with it:

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  1. Hi,Just stumbled onto your work.Great work! I have a question (actually two):What do you mean by layered textures? What is pre-rendered lighting passes?